The text of the Völuspá encompasses much of the witchcraft practice of Vanatrú. The song, referring to the logos of terms such as Góð and Ragnarök, compresses in a few esoteric verses the generating, destroying and receiving act of the new era typical of the Vanatrú tradition. In Völuspá the Völva remembers and foresees. To see becomes spá linked above all to the act of vision during one of the descent shamanic practices. Full of memories. The völva is spá / kona (seer) but it is also vísinda / kona (woman of science). We never find the word “spá” within the song, but the termRead More →

Today we want to introduce a video-article and a research work exogenous to the association, but which we believe to be significant from several points of view. Created by Arith Härger, a leading archaeologist and scholar of the international heathen landscape, this examination promises to provide a conceptual structure rich in specific notions that shed light on the deities linked to Mother Earth in the Germanic and pre-Christian context. In addition to his painstaking work, we also underline his presentation and quotation from Vanatrú Italia (which you can find starting at 01:06). So that his splendid words reserved for our research work will never beRead More →