Today we want to introduce a video-article and a research work exogenous to the association, but which we believe to be significant from several points of view.

Created by Arith Härger, a leading archaeologist and scholar of the international heathen landscape, this examination promises to provide a conceptual structure rich in specific notions that shed light on the deities linked to Mother Earth in the Germanic and pre-Christian context.

In addition to his painstaking work, we also underline his presentation and quotation from Vanatrú Italia (which you can find starting at 01:06).

So that his splendid words reserved for our research work will never be lost in the Internet ether, and also his search reaches as many shores as possible, we offer you the direct link to the video in question.



We thank Arith Härger once again for her contribution to both the individual and the community, as well as for giving us a small but significant space in his research.

In the intimate subtle and esoteric process that binds us as heathens, and which now more than ever paws for emergence and memory.

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